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A, B , C



Kayu, Kertas, Karet, Minyak, Gas & Electrical










YAM - 2 SS





YA - 4 EL





YA - 6 S





YAM - 4 L




With Bracket = Rp 50.000 / Unit


YA - 10 ER





YA - 10 ES





YA - 10 L





YA - 15 L




With Bracket = Rp 75.000 / Unit


YA - 20 L





YA - 20 ES





YA - 30 L




With Bracket = Rp 100.000 / Unit


YA - 50





YA - 100





YA - 150





YA - 200






B , C


Minyak, Gas, Mesin & Electrical










YC - 5





YC - 7





YC - 10





YC - 15





YC - 50






A , B


Kayu, Kertas, Kain, Minyak & Bensin










YF - 10 PD





YF - 20





YF - 100 S




* update - Oktober 2012
** harga sewaktu-waktu dapat berubah


081380945777 (TELKOMSEL)  -   081807014991 (XL)




Jl. Pramuka Raya No.19 A

Telp. (021) 8577007, 70789300

Fax. (021) 8509654

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Guest_7655: Professionals understand the process of how to install these CCTV cameras in the room so the entire view from the room will be captured by this system.
Unfortunately, many companies offering substandard quality CCTV systems really don't care much concerning the product they may be giving. Dvr complete best surveillance system for home reviews ( «link» ) Once bought, CCTV cameras also needs to be installed correctly by experts and monitored regularly, that drives the cost up.

The cable or perhaps the satellite whichever we receive can be hooked to the DVR. Simple, the previous components, like cameras, DVRs, cables, go on sale as the new equipment starts to replace the old.
Guest_3196: The strategic communication maintains to be able to functional locations through satellite devices and through WIFI LAN relationships.
Fold them by two and drive them with you using a walk around your neighbor hood. Since my Asus laptop with Win 7 is 64-bit, that is why I was left using my XP system.

We have got all seen the advertisements around the burglar running away if the alarm activates. After all, the marketplace is packed with baby monitors, so I needed to learn what inspired him to begin i - Baby.

Guest_3262: Video Quality: You can connect the DMP-BP85 using the HDMI, Component and Composite video outputs.

Routers made inside the last few years actually utilize a variation of WPA called WPA2.

Find you best wireless booster 2015 ( «link» ) connection, select it and right select "Properties. For example, the SMR interconnects on the Shore - Tel with both SIP extensions (Wifi connections) and Sip Trunks (Cellular connections). Reviews of wifi extenders The second revolution involved wireless broadband data (Wi-Fi) atlanta divorce attorneys laptop, you are able to.
Guest_3364: When the net was invented way last 1989, no-one must have guessed so it would literally alter the way we communicate and seek information. The SRAC makes sense enought to register while using SMR either wirelessly or above the Cellular network determined by signal strenght.

I also learned that I could enhance the signal strength by placing the antenna higher up, so I used the velcro strap to prop it over a rod helping to help keep a tree upright. Every single hit, crash and explosion is way more real looking When the finish user feels The rumble right Inside palm of the hand.
Cnet wifi best range extenders 2015 ( «link» ) extender reviews Due to the difference, their fields of application are certainly distinct.
Guest_3000: Sofa pillows that must be cleaned can be washed or dry cleaned.
Consider these points carefully before purchasing a sofa so that you can make a knowledgeable decision which you won't regret. You can also pick to purchase sofas with neutral colors simply because they can align properly with any color.

You as well as your guests know “goodbye” to that particular uncomfortable metal bar that's notoriously associated to resting on a sofa bedding. Each room carries a galley kitchen, two queen beds in another room, raymour and flanigan sleeper sofas ( «link» ) a lounge area with a sleeper sofa.
Guest_9827: The tariff of cleaning these sofas is significantly less than most other type of sofas.
One can also be able to "talk down" the salesperson, printing out a comparable online deal and seeing if they is willing to competitive price a best sectional sofa 2016 ( «link» ) sofa. While these interesting sofas might be a fun choice, it's important to produce sure that you just will like it a very long time.

These sofas may be pulled out in to a bed to accommodate guests who stay back the night. By eight Max was nodding off again and she or he opened the sleeper sofa making it the bed.
Guest_2296: High Definition is currently everywhere, from HD TV's to HD camera's and it is surely an industry-supported digital car stereo interface.
The Sony Bravia KDL37V5810 utilizes a modern appearance, consistent while using rest from the market as its design is meant how to Convert Rca To hdmi these ( «link» ) blend with any d'. Hdmi to composite converter radio shack About thirty seconds later, a menu appeared asking me what sort of internet connection I was using - wired or wireless.

It has stereo audio from built-in speakers that create some excellent sound considering their compact size. When you are going a bit longer, you have got to work with 24 gauge wires or maybe 22 gauge.
Guest_9392: This quaint, yet newly remodeled, cabin sleeps four with one bedroom and bath and sleeper sofa.
ears ago, shoppers needing space had been restricted to uncomfortable sofa beds that always supplied a sleepless evening as convert a Couch sleeper sofa ( «link» ) possible choice of your decent night's sleep.
Flip-Over Sofa Bed With no separate mattress, this kind of sofa bed simply unfolds directly on top of the floor, so that this solid foam seat becomes the sleeping area.

Finding an ideal sectional sofa in person can involve trips to 1 showroom after another, as you deal with limited selection, sales pressure, and busy retail spaces. She smiled and attended unstrap him in the seat then sat with him on the sofa.
Guest_5040: The Freeview-HD tuner inside the LG 47LD790 works inside the same way like a standard Freeview digital tuner does supplying you with around 50 radio and tv stations.
The handset is equipped having a camera of 5 MP that has a picture resolution of 2592x1944 pixels. Included is often a straight mini headphone cable so that a user to listen within the airplane.

However, owners, large amount of thought was the have to consider what type of medium (connection). Unfortunately this will give malicious users to gain entry to your network and perhaps obtain confidential information.

Guest_2598: One partner stands and with the same time is supporting one other one without creating a help.
At the idea when inside a relationship, you may impart your Real Pussy Toys ( «link» ) to a partner to feature more flavor for your sexual experiences.
Butt plug strapon Sure it might be said; as well as the countless other artists he and Gladys desired to market.

The vibrators were made to provide pleasure on the women and there may be nothing wrong in making use of these adult novelties. If you would like to know the way to give yourself a climax, then experimenting and finding your G-spot may be the best method to go about executing it.
Guest_3482: First things first, you need to grab a cat5e cable and connect towards the repeater directly through the PC you're currently using.
Most laptops possess a plastic hinge cover Which Is The Best Wifi Booster ( «link» ) have to be pried open and removed in the laptop chassis.

This means that this ratio of rent controlled apartments to non-rent control apartments features a direct impact for the maintenance on the building. You may also consider obtaining a Wi - Fi repeater, which functions being a signal booster and range extender.
Best home wifi booster Other key features include the player's capacity to playback photos, music, and video throughout the front USB Port as well as its is DLNA certified.
Guest_1708: You can monitor your spaces on your own computer in tangible time, that has a short delay, watch recorded videos by date, or you'll be able to monitor your space with your smartphone for anyone who is on the go.
This because they say is reassuringly expensive and that which you call within the trade “a belter”. This is made for holidays travels, and there is not any more guesswork of the amount power is left on the portable wall charger.

It offers nearly five users and custom profiles, where users can customize their accounts with Camelio 'Personality Packs' (sold separately). It is important which you protect your own home or your business from burglars and thieves considering that they're one with the most important assets which you have invested in.

Guest_8950: To support that process, here are a couple of tips that will give you the power to create the best possible decision regarding a sleeper sofa.
Typically, in just a relatively not much time, the inner core of most sofa mattresses breakdown creating weak thin areas around. Liquid including pet stains on the microfiber sofa needs to be blotted up just after they occur.

A blue corduroy sleeper sofa, new linens, a new set of dishes, new pots and pans. Some individuals have to relocate good quality sofa bed ( «link» ) usually, in these situations sectional sofa is very useful.
Guest_8948: These have warranty of no less than 1 year; even some are come with in excess of 1 year warranty.
You can adjust the chart view to check battery capacity change over the day, week, and month.

I think you may make your Android Car DVD Player work perfectly using the above ways. When you enter business online, when you're selling online you will need to make certain you aren't leaving the information you have exposed to those that want to steal it.
Wireless range extender best wireless router booster ( «link» ) However, fractional laser treatments never really reached the hands of students and individuals who couldn.
Guest_8875: top sectional sofas ( «link» ) sofas are given for acquire around the internet, and you will ask the crooks to delivered appropriate to your property straight away.
It can be used as a sofa for sitting purpose and being a sleeping bed. To find out more about sleeper sofa mattress, sofa beds mattress and queen sleeper sofa mattress, please visit this link mattresses for sofa beds.

Choose around the mattress cautiously according to no matter whether it really is ordinarily to earn an income as a sleeper or possibly a sofa. Between the price and many variables, a sleeper sofa might be a big investment.
Guest_1628: Users can instantly share and edit video clips which consists of easy-to-use app, Closeli.
You don't need some type of computer or video technician to setup the system. You will look for just a Wi - Fi baby video monitor that's compatible along with your Android phone.

If you happen to be like me, you happen to be probably trying to find some leapfrog leappad ultra reviews to obtain an idea of what this tablet is dependant on before determining to purchase it. Some with the latest systems add high-resolution video best home ip camera ( «link» ), illuminator, digital analyzer additionally, on-board relays.
Guest_9463: That way you happen to be spared the agony of needing to proceed through realms of blank recordings.
A pleasant trait for that Samsung F490 is usually a haptic response, something that's absent for the i - Phone. The purpose of all would be to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data.

This would be the King of android tablet PC, 3G Phone function, GPS, Bluetooth, Dual Camera, HDMI output All in a single, nothing missed. You may configure the unit to pick up open Wi-Fi connections wherever possible.

Guest_7233: It turns out how the most common, and thus most affordable, ones are 3-port HDMI switches, maybe as most people merely have 3 ports.
Along together with the HDMI Outputs, you've got Digital Audio Outputs (Optical, Coaxial) and Analog Outputs (both 2-ch and 7. 5 rca to hdmi out to hdmi in adapter ( «link» ) cable You dont just have to observe 3D either to take advantage of the stunning image quality as 2D images use exactly the same technology too.

These three Home Theater setups cover anything from bare bones to luxurious. Like the Oppo BDP-83 before it, the BDP-93 looks like it's like the benchmark for those other Blu-Ray players for being choose by.
Guest_2632: Wifi outdoor video surveillance system reviews ( «link» ) video cameras are fantastic methods to protect the house or workplace.

However, in case you love the functions and you'll be able to overlook the indisputable fact that it has no HSDPA - the Asus M530W can be as good an entire QWERTY cell phone as it is possible to get. However, you can find still several surefire ways to acquire your app banned.

Keep in mind you ought to commit over the high quality wireless home wireless security camera program that you simply could spend on. Internal memory can be an impressive 250MB, with support for micro - SD up top 16Gb.
Guest_6440: High quality CCTV systems are produced by companies that have been around for quite a while now and can still be around inside next few years.
The using a CCTV security system will increase security within the business itself and in addition around the premises of the building and any parking lots which are part of the property. Best samsung cctv dvr ( «link» ) security systems for home There a wide range of cheap home security camera starter kits available bundled with 2, 4 or 6 cameras along with a DVR within the package too.

We created video lessons on subjects like CCTV camera placement, connecting a DRV recorder to your network and viewing a CCTV system utilizing an iphone. CCTV systems typically involve a hard and fast (or "dedicated") communications link between cameras and monitors.
Guest_5451: You'll be blown away how much quality they packed inside G155 mobile system, I guarantee it.
Power is perhaps probably the most skewed spec of home theatre systems. 5 rca to radio Shack hdmi to rca cable ( «link» ) cable While the cost with the brand new 3D TV will cost a good deal of money, these 3D HDMI cables will never cost a lot.

When choosing your TV, picking the most cost effective one will never always be the top deal. A Pro level system provides you with bragging rights to your whole neighborhood.
Guest_5205: The fleshlight didn't break, will likely worldspacked into one fleshlight texture.
But should you be feeling too timid to consider the plunge which has a female masturbation vibrator, then think again. Butt plugs how to use It's nothing like there isn't testing also it's not like they only test you some times.

They enjoy endless masturbation, french kissing, oral sex, gay sex, and intercourse in each and every position imaginable with any willing member of the tribe, or multiple partners at once. Wheelock, jointly with Melanie Gifford, presented the opening day lecture about the exhibition inside the East Building Auditorium.

Guest_9501: Many on the products listed from the Sexy Gadgets series might be found in San Antonio at Adam and Eve on San Pedro, and The Adult Megaplexxx (multiple locations in San Antonio).
Battery tip - Vibrators designed to use batteries often suggest utilizing the batteries in between use. What is a pocket pussy There are many games that couples can play making their love life make male sex toys more ( «link» ) entertaining.

Her love of pets began at an early age which has a stray cat named Harvey, along with a dying field mouse named Tucker. It can be said his wallet was stolen before his body may very well be claimed.
Guest_7995: The highest floor within the house provides the very best reception for indoor TV antennas.
This antenna could be set up in a indoor setting or an outdoors setting. Best indoor hdtv antennas HDTV is hi-def TV while SDTV is short for standard definition TV. No doubt regarding it, the outdoors receives better signals compared to antennas indoors. Once it really is decided which kind of antenna will best hdtv indoor antennas ( «link» ) suit your needs to get free hdtv you may want to test it.
Tv fool antenna If they expend their antenna the sole question is the best way to extend inside a proper coordinate back. Antenna web canada One can locate a wide variety of antenna sizes and styles while searching online. In addition to which is the fact that this LED HDTV will not contain hazardous materials.

Best indoor antenna A good amount of people round the world are utilizing television antennas for TV set.

Like all other gadgets, TV antennas have come a long strategies by its evolvement. Mounting your antenna inside attic may be possible, but it is best that you are aware from the pitfalls associated with this form of configuration. Ge antenna Or cause interference with the monitor or HDTV it's that come with.
Unless your STB is decoding an HD signal, or signal is via another HD source right into your HDTV it's most likely not gonna be in HD. must give in the HDTV check we now have from our cable bringer. Hdtv antenna recommendations You should alos note that any poor-quality signals and dropped signals are often due to antenna issues.
Guest_7858: You'll find usually two amounts of sensitivity readily available using a Dictaphone or DVR.

Even though, homes can, be targets of burglary, a lot of people do not use orion cctv monitors ( «link» ).
Security cctv dvr If you've a wired alarm system, this enables the DVR to force recording if any of contacts are tripped.

Since the recognition of those devices, many cities around the globe use Dallmeier CCTV cameras on public crossings. The use of CCTV later on became quite typical in banks and stores to discourage theft, by recording proof of criminal activity.
Guest_8554: this is often a wild ride from the technologically advanced arena of vibrators.
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Guest_9799: Further you must think the benefits and disadvantages of each and every of them and if you feel that CCTV could be the most appropriate answer, you can definitely buy it.
Price and Installation - Wireless CCTV cameras are in reality much less than you'd imagine and some could be cheaper than wired CCTC Cameras. Cctv dvr reviews When looking at home supervision technology, the chance lies in DVR security method.

The multiplex process is Penta - Plex verses Multiplex operation on all additional DVR's except the 950 which is Triplex. Newer dvr for cctv ( «link» )'s have expandable memory and will include external recollection playing cards.
Guest_8107: All in most, these functions make to get a pleasant surfing experience using a mobile handset that gives full phone and multimedia experience besides.
Aside from your fully functional keyboard, the Asus M530W features a sleek, solid black design that is both classy which enables it to qualify just as one eye candy. You can produce different photo playlists and judge which frame gets to determine which playlist, plus edit and delete anything at anytime.

For example, z - Boost Trio Soho is perfect for cellphone signal booster for indoor for voice and 4G data as much as 2,500 sq. Here, chinajiaho have added a catalogue for that high copy of IPAD to fit worldwide consumers' ask for IPAD.

Guest_2084: So, we shall find whether this major change did take place in the event the Storm 3 is released.
Capable of spotting movement from as much as 6 feet away using a IRscanner, he may hunt for and navigate doorways, and distinguish table edges. Wi - Fi video cameras do not cost lots and is usually a great strategy to protect the house from unwanted elements.

There is undoubtedly an extensive wide array of models supported, get the whole list here. This processor is created by 64 bit technology, a pioneer of 64 bit architecture for mobile processor, so tend not to be surprised whenever you see the impressive performance of i - Pad Air 2.

Guest_8528: Unless you're in to modern art because your decorating motif, this is simply not the choice for individuals that will need an in room antenna solution. An World wide web design for generating a bit popularized table-leading HDTV antenna is termed a "coat-hanger" or "cat-whisker" kind.
Www antennaweb org If not, continue readjusting the antenna ears by pointing them for the window. Coaxial connections are mostly found in radio receivers with antennas and cable. These sets when properly outfitted with a Hdtv tuner-receiver and Hdtv antenna will allow you to definitely get local Hdtv broadcasts with startling clear images on your television. Best outdoor amplified hdtv antenna The Panasonic Viera TC-l37S1 37" LCD HDTV offers full 1080p resolution for approximately $850. Best indoor tv antenna consumer reports Choosing the very best type of antenna is an important decision: A backyard roof-mounted antenna assures superior quality reception than the indoor antenna. With the advent of switchover from traditional analogue television to digital broadcasting the expectations from your antenna installation companies has risen to threefold. Indoor/outdoor hdtv antenna Why be satisfied with poor reception when you can get crystal clear free Hdtv reception with just somewhat tweaking of your respective antenna.

Given that form of power, this impressive antenna is good for someone who lives within an area where reception isn't really easy to come by, including rural areas. This antenna might be set up in a indoor hdtv antenna reviews all ( «link» ) setting or an outdoors setting. Best outdoor hd tv antenna First, make certain that you provide an antenna which is sufficiently powerful to pick up digital television signals. Look to incorporate a 720p or 1080p HDTV for your home theater, it's a should have. Ready-to-use Yagi style HDTV antennas are around for under $100 in the market, though they could not be one of the most comfortable ones to use. Best diy hd antenna SATCOM antennas designed for weather forecast send the everyday update of weather.
Guest_1438: With the top of the range models, it really is hard to distinguish from your conventional sofa and a sofa bed.
Consider the point(s) you’ll want your sofa to serve if you consider design style and upholstery options. To get quality furniture that is comfortable yet durable; you'll want to search for a designer sectional sleeper sofa.

If you know your sofa pillows are washable simply wash and with Make Your Own Sectional Sofa ( «link» ) washing machine and after that dry them within your dryer.

You may want to consider getting a sofa that has been stain-guarded.
Guest_6557: The latest streamer from Slim Devices would be the Squeezebox Duet, which consists of your base unit, and also a handset, that includes color LCD display.
Place your subwoofer in which you found your better spot during a number of listening materials therefore you're all set. Agptek hdmi This pertains to whether you want converter rca to hdmi they ( «link» ) look at TV channels on the computer or employ a computer Internet TV with PC Satellite TV software installed.

However, you have to keep planned that shorter HDMI cables shouldn't be stretched beyond their capacity. The G155 Mobile Gaming System is really a one-of-a-kind portable gaming solution for your Xbox 360 and PS3.
Guest_4927: It can be necessary how the entire speaker should sync into which will boost the sound quality.
Whether you're driving, walking or using trains and buses, you can find voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation.

Some crucial features you would need to look out for when looking for a radio repeater are compatibility, range and easy setup. Those traveling abroad for commercial purposes require instant internet connectivity in any way times. Best extender wifi You may easily track crucial computer data usage under Settings, Usage, or download a totally free widget for instance 3G Watchdog (which actually tracks both 4G and 3G usage).

Guest_2730: A large house will need to have a router with better range when compared to a small house.
The transmitter might not match correctly, inside event that blocked with the gear change.

Blackberry 8220 Pearl what is the best range extender ( «link» ) usually used to access the web anywhere. You may go with a command prompt, find your MAC Address (also called physical address) and enter this data under wireless security.
Wifi extender antenna These in many cases are extremely easy to build (versus a multi-mode device that likely needs more in-depth set-up work).
Guest_6143: The second way of training often begins even before women ever masturbates.
Depending within the type of the rabbit vibrator as well as the controller that powers it, it is possible to control those two separate functions, changing the velocity, etc. How to use mens sex pocket pussy toys make ( «link» ) Now we now have three good medicines, so that you just never determine what might develop.

Clitoral and clitoral hood (both vertical and horizontal) are a few very common ones, inner and outer labia are common. However, if your spouse does not feel well by utilizing it, you may must stop using it for just a while until your associate be equipped for him again.
Guest_7186: In addition, you definitely will regret if some keys or sharp things can scratch your phone within your pocket so it really is worth it to shell out your money to the durability of your respective phone.
He writes about various MRI Music System and MRI Stereo Systems.

The living spaces comprises of vitrified tile flooring which help the beauty of apartment. That way, in case a hacker finds one of your respective accounts, the social account, your individual information will not be at stake. Best plug in Wifi Range extender review 2015 ( «link» ) range extender The device must be positioned inside direction with the antenna in which the power in the signal is concentrated.


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